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Glass Half Full. Insights and Opportunities in the New Reality


Glass Half Full. Insights and Opportunities in the New Reality


Despite the significant negative effect caused by COVID-19, we should admit that pandemic has also triggered some positive changes. We will highlight the most important outcomes:
Remote working
A global pandemic has forced us into remote working, which is the most significant workplace revolution of our time. For many companies, remote working has ended up being more than a passing phase. According to recent studies, remote workers were 13 percent more productive than those working at offices.

Online education
 The job market during the pandemic is very challenging. Especially if you have lost your job or facing an uncertain future, mind that any crisis contains a potential of an opportunity. You can consider a change of career. Now you can benefit the online education like never before. Since E-learning has become the “new normal,” – this industry is at an unprecedented surge of options.

Boost of IT industry
 Thanks to technologies, we could maintain new ways to stay connected and productive in many areas. The IT industry expects further growth in 2021 due to the increased demand for software and platforms like Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video call, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. These tools help people to work remotely and stay in touch with their family members. Technologies support all the new essential tools for e-learning, remote working, safety, healthcare, etc. The pandemic has revealed the importance of technology. The central insight is that technology transformations have raised revenues and reduced costs in the past two years.

 For more than one year, we face how the pandemic reshapes the global economy. Despite the drastic effects on all areas of our life, there are still numerous pandemic-induced opportunities.  When it comes to digital business models —  E-commerce has ramped up.  This growth has differed across sectors and over different stages of the pandemic. Some changes in consumers’ habits will be long-lasting, which will affect the overall trends in the digital economy. 
This way, you can still find new areas and opportunities for your business initiatives and collaboration.