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“IAS” has become a NAUFOR associate member


OOO NPF “Informauditservice” was awarded this April with the associate membership in the major all-Russia self-regulated company - National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR). The Association unites over 400 companies. Its branches operate in 14 major cities in Russia.
The cooperation between “IAS” and NAUFOR began several years ago and in 2016 our company led the Expert Council of the organization dealing with the transition to the new chart of accounts and Bank of Russia industry-specific standards. The Council was established in August of 2016 for the purposes of methodological support to be provided to securities market professional participants - non-credit financial institutions in course of transition to the new chart of accounts and new industry-specific standards and also for the purposes of the development of respective standard documents and methodology. Representatives of major brokers and management companies are members of the Council. At the forefront of the Council’s activities are Tatyana Moshkina, “IAS” partner and head of the Management Consulting Department, Counsellor to the NAUFOR President, and Elmira Kirillova, “IAS” Senior methodologist.