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“Vestnik NAUFOR” publishes an article about a joint IAS and NAUFOR seminar related to the transfer to the new chart of accounts

The September edition of “Vestnik NAUFOR” (No. 9, 2016) publishes an article presenting materials from the joint seminar of IAS banking and consulting group and the Russian National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR) which took place on 14 July 2016. The seminar dealt with issues related to the transfer of professional participants of securities market to the new chart of accounts and new RF Central Bank industry specific standards.

The article – “New chart of accounts, new RF Central Bank industry specific standards – the path of perfection” – covers the presentation of Tatyana Moshkina, partner, head of IAS management consulting, and Elmira Kirillova, IAS chief methodologist. Tatyana Moshkina shared IAS experience in the transfer of non-credit financial organizations to the new chart of accounts, giving special consideration to major complexities of such transfer projects and to IAS approach to fulfilling these projects. Elmira Kirillova elaborated on methodological aspects of transfer projects.

Full article (in Russian) can be found here.