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Where is your Office’s Bombshelter?

As of 2 May 2017, all legal entities will have to either hold civil defense courses for their new employees or prepare RUB 200 000 for fines.
Civil defense drilling and training requirements for employees have toughened. Noworganizationswillhaveto:
  • develop a program of a civil defense induction training for new hires;
  • hold a mandatory civil defense training within the first working month of a new hire;
  • organize maneuvers aimed at the maintenance of its stable functioning at war time;
  • keep up its basic civil defense training and material facilities (e.g. gas masks, fire extinguishers, etc.).
Companies which exploit production facilities of the I and II hazard categories and also those exploiting hazardous facilities of the III category are obliged to establish and maintain in a state of readiness off-duty accident rescue units.
The fine for failing to meet the legislation requirements for protecting employees, material and cultural values from hazards under actual military operations will range from RUB 100 000 to RUB 200 000 per legal entity. In addition to this, envisaged is an administrative fine for officials in the amount of RUB 10 000 to RUB 20 000.
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Upload instructions: “Emergency situation reminder card”“Rules for action in case of fire”“Civil defense and emergency situation first aid”.