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Ranking Among the Top Twenty

The RAEX rating agency has published new rankings of major Russia’s audit companies based on the 2017 results. Our company performance keeps bringing us satisfaction.
“Informauditservice” - as a member of Russell Bedford International now - traditionally holds top lines in the audit of insurance companies ranking (No. 5) and IT-consulting (No. 7). Moreover, we are all at once No. 9 in a new sphere - audit of leasing companies.
As a whole, based on RAEX analysts’ calculations, the audit market has shown a 5% decrease of audit companies’ total income as compared to 2016. But if we break up income by service lines, we’ll see a mixed picture.
Income from IT-consulting decreased by 10%. Income from statutory audit dropped by 5.9%, not to mention that the desire to save on a mandatory procedure may lead to mid-market prices dumping. At the same time, minor sectors such as audit-related services and voluntary audit have, on the contrary, increased - by 170.5% and 47.6% respectively. The situation on the audit market is in line with the general stagnation of economy. 
Notwithstanding the decrease of the general income level in audit and consulting companies, “Informauditservice” demonstrates positive results. This is due to a smart combination of high standards of employees’ professionalism and the reasonable price policy in the company. Proper value for money provides for the establishment of efficient long-term business relationships, which guarantees stability in a volatile economic environment.
We say thank you to our clients and employees and congratulate “IAS” on excellent performance in RAEX rankings.