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“Informauditservice” in TOP-5 of the RAEX Financial Consulting-2016 Rating

The RAEX rating agency has published the 18th annual rating of leading consulting groups and companies. The “Informauditservice” banking and consulting group has been increasing its positions in RAEX ratings for several years now. Based on the 2016 results, our company holds the 4th position in the “Financial Consulting” ranking (last year we were No. 8).
Our company has risen by 15 positions and is now No. 24 among other 170 participants in the list of Russia’s major consulting groups. 
The results of the ranking, according to the RAEX, show the transition of the consulting services market from the contraction stage to the stagnation. The net sales growth of major consulting groups is 5%, and its volume - RUB 97.5 billion. It is primarily contracts with the state authorities, state-owned companies and defense companies that made it possible to reach such figures.
We would like to congratulate “Informauditservice” professionals with yet another achievement and express our gratitude to our clients for being with us.
Together we will reach new frontiers!