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Russell Bedford in IAB World Ranking of Global Networks

Russell Bedford International is No. 17 in the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) ranking of global accounting networks this year. It’s been a number of years that Russell Bedford keeps up its top positions in the IAB rankings. It is noteworthy that over the past two years, Russell Bedford has experienced the 5th highest growth of all networks in the Top 20.
“Informauditservice” became Russell Bedford’s member in august 2017 which expanded and significantly improved the position of the network in Russia. It also made it possible for Russell Bedford to become No. 7 in the IAB Russia Survey – the survey based on fee data of global professional services networks working in Russia – that very year.
Stephen Hamlet, Russell Bedford CEO, emphasized that top positions of the network in the rakings are due to its consistent efforts towards enhancement of quality of services of all member firms and also its international brand development. This includes the gaining of 30+ new members over the past two years, as well as the achieving of a record increase in referrals last year of 35% across the network.
He also said, “We often talk about size and numbers, and ranking positions are indeed important; but with our particular focus on quality, and obtaining the most appropriate coverage for our network all over the globe, this growth promotes even stronger our position as a leading group for attracting firms looking to expand and offer more to their clients.”